get out of town

the world awaits. travel. get outside. go on an adventure. see the world. open your eyes and your heart to new things. you think you know stuff? travel will do two things: make you realize how much you didn’t know while at the same time teaching you so much about the world we live in. […]

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we arrived in Kampala in July 2014 right around the time ebola was beginning to make headlines. it was on our minds, obviously, as the news carried nothing but images of bodies in bags in the streets. or worse, just piled near the side of the road. but it wasn’t the people in Uganda I was worried […]

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stay home

there was this one time at work, in georgia … where does our work take us? and where do we take our work? for me, I’m lucky. I get to work not only at a job I love and feel passionate about every single day, but one that allows me the freedom to travel and to […]

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these guys

so let me tell you about the giraffes. they were curious little fellas. I learned that the darker the spots, the older the giraffe. did you know that? I had no clue. if I had to pick, I’d say the giraffes were my favorite. I met many inside Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda … […]

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sometimes my mind wanders to places I’ve been and to places I hope to be. here, I was lucky enough to drive from Austria to Italy. some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. I have gone to so many wonderful places. I am anxious to get out again. and I will. and […]

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