all the things

I think what we need is to lie down on the floor
and listen to records
I’ll loop my pinky around yours
and we’ll talk about everything and nothing
how that rocket went into the skies
and came back down and flipped upright
and landed right on the platform in the ocean
and then exploded into a fiery ball
and how it was a success even though it turned to ash

we’ll probably talk about the kids
and how they’re doing awesome things
and then laugh at the crazy dumb things
like climbing onto the roof of the school
and how it all makes us feel old
even though we don’t act it sometimes
and that will make us laugh harder
remembering how nuts we were too

and then there’s the question of dinner
and hey, did you ever read that book
and when the weather is warmer
maybe we should get outta here
and do some major adventuring
or creek stomping
or take a long ride to nowhere

and then we’ll realize
we never noticed
when the music stopped

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