it was quite a day of ups and downs. and not just in yoga. heard from someone I’ve been missing so, so much and it both helped and hurt … but it was needed. much needed. dare I say it was even good. difficult, yes. but good. there was therapy right after (thank goodness) and then yoga and all the while: sun. thankful for the sun this week. thankful for feeling it on my face. thankful for the warmth it brings to my cold bed. thankful for so much, really. while change is difficult (lately it feels impossible) and life throws us curveballs, all we can do is try to learn from them and make ourselves and our little spot in this world a happier, healthier place. I’m doing what I can over here. what else can I do? I’m learning about myself and relationships and people and mistakes and picking up and rising up and … well. I’m learning a lot. and I’m sharing a lot too. I’m now trained to go out and teach others how to Be Smart when it comes to gun safety. I’m volunteering and helping when and if I can. I’m putting love out into the world and hoping it comes back to me. and it is. I feel it. I feel it from all of you. I’m ready to make some shit happen, people. thanks again to all of you. I appreciate every single one of you. really really. onward and upward, as they say. onward and upward.


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