busy little bees

these kids. my goodness, how I love them. and my goodness, how they have me constantly running.

today was spent running kids to school and then running myself to work. then it was picking Little Man up from robotics, G from his dad’s. then we were off to buy clothes for G’s Model UN event this weekend (three-day trip to Indiana University!). then I sat in the car for 45 minutes waiting for a basketball game to end because Middle Man was playing his trombone in the pep band. I woke up at 6 a.m. and am just now getting home and sitting down. it’s 10:30.

I’m not even sure what tomorrow brings.

we will spend some time at the ISSMA state band performance on Saturday where Middle Man will perform his trombone solo piece. Little Man has his Boy Scout crossover that same day and G will still be at IU playing the part of 1954 Czechoslovakia. he will be wearing a pink and red bowtie that we just bought. or maybe a blue and green one. we just bought that one too. along with new pants and a new dress shirt. I am running out of money, people. at this rate I’m going to need a second job. HOW can I do that??!!

I THINK Sunday might be quiet. I look forward to it. but I’m a mom, so I realize that is likely to not be the case. I will keep thinking and wishing for it.

it’s life. we roll. we keep going. we battle through. and we hope that we come out on the other end with enough energy to do it all again the next day.

happy almost-weekend, people. we’re almost there.

p.s. oh yeah. we have a dog, too. she needs attention now more than ever. she seems to be overly sensitive and wails every single time we leave the house. EVERY TIME. and she craves attention from the boys like never before. oh, and she likes to dance. here she is asking Luke for a spin. 🙂


and a kiss for Middle Man before school today …


and because I’m too out of sorts to figure out cooking right now, we eat takeout. always. but hopefully not forever.


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