you & your guns suck

angry middle-aged men are ganging up on me on social media because I proudly wear a Moms Demand Action T-shirt. because I think that assault weapons have no place in the hands of civilians. because I think it’s pathetic and embarrassing that this country allows its citizens — its children — to die every day so that some entitled men and women can own a gun that has no place outside of a war zone.

I’m sick of it.

I’ve been called names. I’ve been ridiculed and told I can’t do my job as a journalist (how this is relevant is beyond me). I’ve been told to leave and move somewhere else. on Twitter, I’ve had threats against me.

this is the country I live in.

I respond by telling them that this country is an embarrassment. that we can and need to do better. that we need to put lives before hobbies. how insane is it that we even have to point this out?

I tell them that we seem to have a problem with entitlement. that we have a superiority complex. that way the hell too many people think that just because they were born in this country, they are better than anyone else.


I am appalled. I am angry. I am sickened.

I’ve mentioned putting down loads that we can’t carry anymore. I’ve mentioned being exhausted and not able to fight anymore.

But this … this is one battle I’m not done fighting and one load I’m willing to keep carrying.

Someone told me maybe I should do something if I’m so vocal and hate this country so much. I pointed out that I am of course doing things. I’m marching. Emailing. Calling. Writing. Visiting with “leaders” in my own Statehouse. Donating money. Sharing information. Getting my boys involved.

How about you all do something and open your eyes to the FACT that lives are more important than your right to own something intended for no other purpose than to kill.

How about we start there. How about we start by admitting that there IS a right and wrong here.

We have a morality issue on top of a gun and mental illness issue.

And this country sucks for all of it.


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