Little Man is writing an essay for school and he asked me to read over it.

and now, my heart is swooning.

he has written about a little girl who gets to go on a surprise vacation to Italy, and she has to guess where. her first guess is Como, which made me smile because I doubt he’d even know about this place had he not seen it for himself.

but no, they aren’t going to Como. they’re going to Venice, Little Man’s favorite spot from our European trip this past year.

he tells about the ferry ride, the first meal (pizza!), the way some alleys smelled of pee (like they couldn’t make it back to the restaurant or home in time) and how much fun it was to learn about the history there. he remembers names of the places we visited better than I do, down to the year things were built.

and he turned it all into a short story about a little girl, excited from the moment of takeoff (his favorite part of his first plane ride) all the way to the final meal in Venice.

and the end made me a happy, proud mama:

“Sometimes great learning can come from great adventure.”


and it reminds me, again, of a favorite line from a favorite song:

“we’ve got a lot. don’t you dare forget that.”

I’m glad he hasn’t forgotten.


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