let them fly

she held the memories close to her heart. memories are, after all, what keeps us moving. they keep us loving and learning and wanting more. what else do we have but memories? they are our stories. they weave us into who we are now and who we’ll become tomorrow.

she knew change was imminent. it had to be for life to go on. every single angle and corner and rough edge of life was about to change. there’s work to be done, she said. there are hearts to mend and to hold close. there are people who need harder love than others, she knew that. there are people who may need to be let go, and that hurts more than anything else. time will tell as to where we all end up and who will come out on the other side. hopefully acceptance for who we are. every single one of us, a unique being with different needs and desires and dreams. it’s time to face the truth. no hurt. no bruises. just love. from here on out, the yelling and questioning and confusion will need to soften. then, hopefully, go away for good. the days will pass. the tears will dry. but life will go on and everyone will be stronger for it.

she hopes, at least.

these days make the year of falling apart seem like a joyride. these days, she grits her teeth and waits for the next ball to drop. but it can’t be this way much longer. the balls are dropping. now it’s time to pick them up and throw them out into the universe and watch them fly.

it’s time to heal, love and let go.

it’s time to look for new things and time to let other things go. it’s time to stop holding on so tight when maybe we should all ease our grip, no matter how difficult. maybe we should de-clutter. ease the stress that isn’t necessary. it’s time to look at life from a new perspective. it’s time to consider scenarios that never crossed her mind, not even once.

it’s time to hold her babies close but to also let them fly. wherever they need to fly.

it’s time.

for all of us.

IMG_8226Berlin street art. 2017.

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