back home again in Indiana


It’s about time I share this fun little find.

I got this awesome broken Coke bottle in Vanuatu, and it’s my favorite souvenir. Maybe ever.


This Coke bottle, which is broken and battered and stamped with the city where I live, was found in Vanuatu after American soldiers had trashed the island with a ton of junk and trash. That’s the unfortunate part of the story. The fantastic part of the story is that I found it at a roadside WWII museum on the island and the owner didn’t want to sell it to me. Instead, he made me a deal. “Send me a new American flag,” he said, “and you can HAVE the bottle.”

I snapped this photo last week for him and I’m having a print of it made to mail to him. Along with more than 10 U.S. flags in various sizes and shapes that I finally have collected and packaged up for the big journey.

This Coke bottle made it from Indianapolis to Vanuatu and back again. I’d like to know what it saw and who drank it. A U.S. soldier? Or did he share a Coke with a local? I’d like to know where exactly it was found. In the water, like so many? Or in a trash heap?

Either way, I LOVE THIS BOTTLE. It’s one of my favorite keepsakes from my trip to the other side of the world … to the little sliver of paradise known as Vanuatu.




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