ode to summer (you should be here)


all of this coming and going. I can’t take it. you’re teasing. you know you are. one minute, you’re here. next, you are gone. in and out of my life. today seems good for now. but the next few days? nope. not good at all. now, it’s true that most of the time I don’t like the heat. there’s only one … OK, maybe two … times that sweating is OK. and now … now you make me want you. need you, even. I need to sweat. I need to be red in face and short of breath. that’s what I need. and where are you? you should be wrapping yourself around me. but you’re not. instead, I’m wet. you’ve sent this bullshit in your place and left me soaked to the bone and shivering for much of the past month. why? because you are messing with me. it’s July. and you should be here. that’s all I’m saying.

you should be here. 

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