“the world isn’t black and white,” he grumbled. “there are many shades of gray, my dear.” it had become his go-to remark when she didn’t agree with him. and her standard comeback to that had become her standard comeback to everyone and everything lately: “fuck off.” she threw her gray raincoat over her faded charcoal sweater and pulled black rubber boots over gray wool socks and went for a walk in the rain. she left her new umbrella, splashed with oranges and greens and yellows and reds, behind.

5 thoughts on “grumblings

  1. New marriage. Midlife uncertainties. Teenagers. Adds up, don’t you think? Like it or not, time of life as well as life itself conspires to teach us all that we insist on being superwoman or superman at our hazard. That lesson came to me when I dropped dead working out at my health club 14 years ago. Being “large and in charge” sooner or later loses it lustre.


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