I’ve been known to overshare. I sometimes don’t know when to stop. but I want to tell you something. promise me it’s OK. promise me it won’t change anything. but I believe this to be true: everyday, a new story begins. sometimes my story is filled with love and joy and laughter and adventure. those days, my story is one I can’t put down. I keep turning the pages, practically running (sometimes biking) as quickly as I can through it. enjoying every ray of sunshine and every chuckle from the kids. and sometimes I don’t like where my story is going. I want to skip ahead to the next chapter, or even the end, to sneak a peek … see how it all turns out. but I know this is cheating. and I know this isn’t fair. but sometimes things aren’t as sweet and calm and peaceful as I want (and need) them to be. sometimes I can’t stop from bursting into a tiny million pieces. sometimes I cry myself to sleep or weep on the highway while driving to work. maybe it’s normal. maybe it’s not. but sometimes it’s harder than it should be. now, for a disclaimer: I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I am not in any danger, so don’t worry about me. I am finding my way. of course I struggle with some things. but there is so much sunshine and happiness that it makes the story so sweet I almost feel ridiculous pointing out the bad parts. a friend told me the other day that I still don’t make time for myself. I need to slow down and clear my head. and she’s right. it’s so hard to focus inward. to work on our own story. life gets in the way, ya know? shuttling kids. going to work. paying bills. not paying bills. spending quality time with my husband. telling other people’s stories. finding time for friends. helping with homework. battling annoying aches and pains. hell, I forgot I even started this blog, I’m so preoccupied with LIFE. but you know what? I’m a better person for everything that has happened to me along the way and I have no regrets. but it’s important to recognize when we need to slow down and breathe and take time for ourselves. maybe now is that time. I suppose now should be that time.

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