turns out it didn’t matter


it was appropriate that she met a lighting guy in what was her darkest hour. it’s not like she meant to stumble upon him. not there. not like that. she didn’t have much of a goal going into the trip, other than to maybe ride on the back of a motorcycle with a dirty hot European guy. it’s not asking much, really. aside from that, there wasn’t much on her European work vacation to-do list. most of the people around her didn’t speak her language, after all, so any high expectations were thrown out the window before ever heading across the pond. but it was the lighting guy who changed it all. and when she took a photo of her shadow back stage, it was his light that cast a blue hue to the scene. blue and black. black and blue. light and shadow. it wasn’t obvious then. it seems now that it should’ve been. they talked. she smiled and looked his way. quickly. he smiled back and held eye contact as long as she would allow. she asked. he didn’t have a motorcycle.

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