get out of town


the world awaits. travel. get outside. go on an adventure. see the world. open your eyes and your heart to new things. you think you know stuff? travel will do two things: make you realize how much you didn’t know while at the same time teaching you so much about the world we live in. it’s impossible to say how traveling will change your life because everyone and every situation is so different. but you have to go. you have to get out of town. you have to go on an adventure to see for yourself. some people are scared to travel alone. I am not. I say go for it. be brave. reach down inside and find the courage to explore. don’t have a passport? that’s the first step. go today. make a list of places you’d like to see and start small if you have to. some people haven’t explored their own neighborhoods and cities. start there. take a camera and a notebook. or nothing at all but the clothes on your back. breathe in the fresh air and find something you never saw before. if you find one thing today on your travels that is new to you, then you’re already winning. heck, just stepping out in the first place is a huge victory. get uncomfortable. put yourself right in the middle of Paris even if you speak no French. alone. I did. and it was tough but I survived and have some great photos and stories to prove it. rent a car and drive across Italy with no plans. can’t pull that off just yet? rent a car and drive from New York to California. still too much? tackle New York to Indiana if that’s all the time and money you have. just go. go. seriously. go.

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