I should write you a letter fit for a fancy box. I should use my best cursive and go into great detail about how wonderful life has been. how great the kids are. they are growing like weeds, yes. I’ll tell you how great the sisters are and how happy everyone has been. I should tell you it’s cold. weather is always a good topic, no? I don’t really want to tell you that all of your trees have been cut down. but it’s true. I’m sorry for that. so much has happened. a lot has changed but a lot is just as you’d remember. in fact, I was just remembering something the other day. remember that time you had the beach police looking for me because I ran off with a friend I’d made? we were gone for a while. sorry about that. it’s February now. 2015. time keeps going and things keep happening. there’s always a story. I’d like to share them all with you in a letter fit for a fancy box. XOXO

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