I decided to sit in a different spot today during a meeting at work. and I swear to you, it changed everything. I usually pull the holier-than-thou stunt and sit up front. like THE front row. mostly I sit up there so I’m forced to stay awake. I truly hate meetings, and this one is nothing to write home about. other than the food. I bellied up to a cake donut with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles, an egg and a string cheese. yes. I had one of each of the breakfast offerings. blame the steroids. I do. but today’s different vantage point opened my eyes to a whole new world. did you know there are grownups who sit and talk and laugh and mock everyone and everything through an entire meeting? I have heard of these people. I have steered clear of them, apparently until today. just wow. I would like to say that I felt myself biting my tongue so I wouldn’t turn around and yell at them like I’d yell at my own kids. but my kids are 14, 12 and 8. these are grown adults. seriously. today, there was just too much noise. some days I realize this and try to avoid people or really, really think about what I say before I say it. which isn’t the norm. but today is filled with noise and sometimes … sometimes it’s just too much. what noise is burrowed up inside your head today? any advice how to drown it all out?

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