stay home


there was this one time at work, in georgia …

where does our work take us? and where do we take our work? for me, I’m lucky. I get to work not only at a job I love and feel passionate about every single day, but one that allows me the freedom to travel and to take my work on the road. this includes not only traveling inside and outside the US, but also inside and outside the loop known as I-465. in other words, sometimes I get to drive the 17.8 miles to the office to sit in a comfy office chair to write my stories and sometimes I get to walk down my stairs and sit in my own chair inside my own house. it sounds glamorous, I am aware. sexy, even. but really, that part doesn’t happen enough. which got me to thinking just how ridiculous it really is to get in a car to drive to an office just to sit in a different chair so you can say you were closer to people you work with, even if you put earbuds in and listen to music and type your fingers off the entire 8 hours only to get in the car and drive back the same 17.8 miles (but it will take two times longer) … without ever having to speak to anyone. now of course, it’s not normal to not talk to anyone you work with and I do not condone such ridiculous, evil, mean-spirited behavior. my point is only that it seems to me we have become something likened to programmed robots in some synchronized death march to our cubicles. there we sit, slurping our soup, forgetting our manners, stinkin’ up the place with lunch that smells like dog food. of course, this is all a gross exaggeration and nothing like this really happens. but here’s the deal: I think driving almost 40 miles a day just to sit in a room with other people is dumb. and I hate dumb stuff. so my thought is, if there’s no important meeting and nobody will die without you there, stay home. get your shit done and help the environment. it’s saving wear and tear on your car, the roads, other people’s nerves. it seems to me that if I stay home to work, I eat healthier foods. I save money on gas. I save wear and tear, as mentioned, on my car and also on my body. and I help by not clogging the streets with yet another car. duh. this is genius. especially in winter. this makes sense, right? oh, and the fewer cars out there seems to me the fewer wrecks (I’m not good at statistics, but let’s go with it). it’s a win-win. let’s all stay home. secure that strong wifi, people, and stay home. tell your boss I said it’s helping to save the polar bears.

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