who are you

so. here’s the latest.

how ridiculous is it to have to petition my government to change my name back to my own damn name, the same damn name I still have on my original social security card? (I’d share photos of both my original card and my current card to prove I have both, but that might actually be some sort of security breach or something. wouldn’t want to invite mayhem.)

well, folks. this is my life.

I was born Kasey Lorraine Grau.

I was married and became Kasey Grau Jackson.

I was divorced.

I didn’t change my name on the divorce papers.

I was remarried.

I didn’t change my name on the marriage license because I really wanted to back to my OWN name, and to go back to the beginning, you have to start all over. of course.

even if you still own your original social security card with your very own name. which I do.


I’m between names.

people at work who used to call me Jackson now call me Grau, and then hesitate.

what is your name now?

didn’t you get married?

well, at least we’re all confused together.

this could get interesting. I hear I may have to have my proposed name published in the newspaper before I can change it. isn’t that fun? what year is it, 1890?

this week, I plan to start the ball rolling on becoming Kasey Lorraine Grau again.

so begins the latest adventure …

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