Kasey in her scarf = gemütlich.

gemütlichkeit. it’s a word. a german one, in fact. and I seem to have stumbled deep into it. it’s a good thing. really. pure gemütlichkeit. it’s a state of coziness. happiness. I’m content. here, I’ll stay warm with an awesome pair of thick slippers and a cup of tea from Uganda. maybe all of this coziness is surrounding me because it’s winter. we’re supposed to bundle up and keep a warm scarf around the neck, right? or maybe this state of coziness is here to save me somehow … because I’ve been struggling with being even more tired (and lazy) than usual. the bones and joints are creaking, folks. they don’t like the cold. so, we make do. we kiss and hug more. we heat our hands over the gas stove. we soak in hot baths. we turn our faces toward the sun as it peeks through the windows and dances across the dining room table. something just feels right about snuggling up on the couch, underneath my grandmother’s handmade blanket. this is good stuff. this is how I roll. how we roll, as of late. most of us over here, anyway. we don’t do much. we just enjoy the gemütlichkeit. we’re hunkered down. the groundhog saw his shadow. we’re in the for the long haul. we aren’t surprised by this. no. we never are. we just take it, go with it. add another layer. put the water on. touch each other more. smile. make soup. make love. get gemütlich. it’s winter, baby. and man … oh, man … is it sexy.

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