I thought we had more time

I would’ve picked different words if I’d known we’d never speak again. I would’ve inhaled deeper into your chest. Made you laugh harder. Told you to drive just a bit slower on the way home. Asked you to play me just one more song. Taken a walk in the woods with you. Met your family. […]

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I walked all the way across the convention hall concrete floor in heels to ask the question. Do you happen to have a motorcycle? That question would forever change the trajectory of my life and ultimately lead me to where I am today. Funny how that works, isn’t it? It was 2011 and I was […]

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all the things

I think what we need is to lie down on the floorand listen to recordsI’ll loop my pinky around yoursand we’ll talk about everything and nothinghow that rocket went into the skiesand came back down and flipped uprightand landed right on the platform in the oceanand then exploded into a fiery balland how it was […]

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G’s big adventure

that kid in the middle right there just moved to college yesterday and I can NOT be more excited for what the future holds for this one. it’s gonna be big. it’s gonna be bright. and it’s gonna rock all of our worlds. I feel it. go get ’em, G. you got this. I love […]

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two months ago, rising up from the floor seemed impossible. a dog’s paws, literally on her arm, holding. consoling. there was the shaking. the uncontrollable sobbing. and then the shriveling. the weakness. the darkness. the hunger. but now lying in bed, naked, a glimmer of light peeks through the blinds, accentuating the curves of her […]

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it was quite a day of ups and downs. and not just in yoga. heard from someone I’ve been missing so, so much and it both helped and hurt … but it was needed. much needed. dare I say it was even good. difficult, yes. but good. there was therapy right after (thank goodness) and […]

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please don’t tell me how to grieve. stop saying that I overshare. stop telling me that I’m humiliating myself by talking about all of the good memories. and please stop telling me I need to be angry and move on. stop telling me things that make the tiniest pieces of my heart that haven’t yet […]

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stolen words

family. Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park, Lawrence, Indiana. photo by me. my ear stays pressed against the ground in all the places your feet found rest. I track the echo of you, ghost steps on haunted floors, and I wait forever for the sound of footsteps that might never walk back to me again. poems […]

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